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Privacy Policy
About is the brainchild of one Adam Burke. It is a forum for Adam to show off crap he does in his free time (pathetic life). It is also a way for people to keep up with Adam's life and his opinions on his twisted view of said life if so inclined.

What is a Gnawfish?
People always ask me what a Ga-naw fish is. Well first of all, its not a real fish (yes, people have asked me that before). And second of all, the 'G' is naturally silent. The idea for this character came to me when I was tinkering with a new installation of Linux. I just installed the new version of Gnome and Sawfish (Linux apps). That should pretty much explain that. The idea of a silent 'G' sound coupled with a ridiculous looking fish was just too much. I drew it up and put a horn in random places until it worked.

What's up with all the validation stuff?
1. XHTML 1.1: The latest and greatest HTML spec. The W3C is the standards commission that is charged with setting Internet standards. It is up to us web developers to conform (or bow) to their will. All webpages use the UTF-8 encoding scheme to allow for the use of all international characters.

2. CSS 2.0: CSS is the modern way to format and to "make pretty" HTML code. The font size, color, boldface, etc are all styles on this site. There is not (shouldn't be) any use of the old HTML <font> tag. That's so 1998.

3. P3P 1.1 : As I stated in the privacy policy, P3P is a W3C standard that calls for webmasters to store what's called a "Compact Privacy Policy" inside the HTTP headers of a site. Essentially, every time a user requests a HTML page, they get a little bit of my privacy policy before they even see the page. This allows me to drop a cookie and not have the user's web browser throw a fit. By the way, to be P3P compliant, you need a privacy policy, hence the main reason I have one.

4. WCAG 1.0 : In 1999, the W3C set forth a very stringent standard to allow for broad accessibility to all potential web users, including those that suffer from various disabilities. has been coded with these guidelines in mind.

5. Section 508: In 1998, the Federal Government stepped in and amended the Rehabilitation Act to include all electronic services. In other words, all government websites now have to contort to Section 508. In the course of coding this website, I have discovered that the WCAG 1.0 guideline seems to be a more stringent version of Section 508. At least that was my experience.

6. SPF 2.0: Again, as stated in the privacy policy, SPF is a new and emerging standard that tells mail servers where all the emails should be coming from. If they receive a email from somewhere else, they should throw it in the SPAM folder. The secret to conforming to this standard is just throwing the SPF data into a specially formatted DNS record on your domain.

7. RSS 1.0 : What is RSS? Why is it on this site? Two good questions. No good answers for either. First, RSS grew out of the W3C RDF standard (well, kind of) and is mostly a result of people wanting to syndicate content (like news or in my case, my blog). So what is the latest version of RSS? Don't ask. The mini-standard is currently a mess with three competing standards. Just read this (clears things up a little). Anyway, I use version 1.0 (mostly because this is the version that this guy made and I customized to work with my stuff - thanks mate!). Why do I syndicate my blog? Just in case someone wants to pick up the feed. Will they? No. But I just do this stuff for the heck of it anyway.

Gnawfish Version 3.5. Copyright 2011. All images, text, ideas, etc herein are property of unless otherwise stated. . Javascript must be enabled in order to click on the images in the footer, otherwise, they are just decoration. Site was designed to work with ALL browsers, regardless of configuration. If your browser doesn't work, tell me.

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